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Tommy Gerber Personal Training

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Tommy Gerber Personal Training offers a wide range of exclusive products and solutions at affordable prices.  Whatever your goal, your request will be met with expert advice, individualized attention, and innovative solutions.  While most people we see are in reasonably good health and just want to lose some weight, we deal with numerous issues that don't apply to everybody. For example, we train teenagers and senior citizens, individuals concerned with sport specific training (everything from golf and tennis to football and lacross), vegetarians and others on special diets, as well as many clients with some serious health issues. Don't think you can't afford personal training and all the benefits that come with it until you give us a call. Financing is available and we offer a number of options to meet your needs. Contact us and discover all we have to offer.

What abs! What abs!

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Tommy Gerber Personal Training


5100 Poplar Ave (Clark Tower)

7th Floor
Memphis, TN 38117


Phone: 901-438-6115   



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Tommy's Tips

1) Don't let anyone tell you you are too old to get in shape - I have plenty of clients in their 80's still going strong; 2) You must utilize some form of resistance training to meet your goals - cardio alone won't do it; 3) Vary your exercicse routine - if not you will get bored and actually slow down your progress; 4) Stay hydrated - drink a lot of water (a gallon a day is good); 5) Watch your sugar intake - sugar is the enemy; 6) If you engage in a sport include sport specific exercises in your general fitness program; 7) Don't over do it - your body needs the proper amount of rest for best results; 8) always be very nice to the trainer's dog; 9) Don't let anyone tell you that it takes a long time to see results - if you are on the right program and giving it your best shot, results will come quickly; and 10) Be careful - if you are not familiar with an exercise, a machine or how to get in shape in general, ask for help.

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