Tommy Gerber Personal Training
Tommy Gerber Personal Training

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When you train with Tommy Gerber (NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer), you train with the best of Memphis. I specialize in weight loss (or gain, if need be), strength, conditioning and sport specific training, and, of course,  nutrition and diet consultations. Utilizing free weights, traditional machines, kettlebells and a few devices you've probably never seen, I will custom-tailor a package to suit your individual needs. All exercise plans come with the diet plan necessary to help you reach your goals.


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"Lemme Burn Your Fat"

Located on the 7th Floor of Clark Tower (on Poplar in East Memphis), Tommy also offers in-home personal training programs. If you can't get to the gym, he'll come to you. Contact me for rates and more information.

Looking for a quick solution? Ask Tommy about the 30-minute Executive Kettlebell Workout! Now featuring Undulation Ropes and Bulgarian Weight Bags. Great for getting your heart rate up quickly, burning fat and perfect for those who cannot use traditional cardio machines.

 Biscuit- Official Gym Mascot Biscuit- Official Gym Mascot

Where to Find Us:

Tommy Gerber Personal Training


5100 Poplar Ave (Clark Tower)

7th Floor
Memphis, TN 38117


Phone: 901-438-6115   



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Tommy's Tips

1) Don't let anyone tell you you are too old to get in shape - I have plenty of clients in their 80's still going strong; 2) You must utilize some form of resistance training to meet your goals - cardio alone won't do it; 3) Vary your exercicse routine - if not you will get bored and actually slow down your progress; 4) Stay hydrated - drink a lot of water (a gallon a day is good); 5) Watch your sugar intake - sugar is the enemy; 6) If you engage in a sport include sport specific exercises in your general fitness program; 7) Don't over do it - your body needs the proper amount of rest for best results; 8) always be very nice to the trainer's dog; 9) Don't let anyone tell you that it takes a long time to see results - if you are on the right program and giving it your best shot, results will come quickly; and 10) Be careful - if you are not familiar with an exercise, a machine or how to get in shape in general, ask for help.

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